Late Geek Review: Jurassic World


So, I finally saw Jurassic World.  Hey, I wasn’t exactly a huge fan of the original.  Why should I rush out to see the new one?

I mean, what is it people love about Jurassic Park?  Interesting and compelling characters?  Nope.  Accurate science?  Not really.  Logical plots?  Nah.  Likable children?  Oh hell to the no.  What is it?  Oh yeah.  Dinosaurs run around and eat a few people, generally adults.

OK, so, how about I say what I thought.  SPOILERS for last summer’s biggest box office hit after the cut.

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8 Bit Jurassic Park Spares At No Expense


Hold on to your butts, because our Friends over at 8 Bit Cinema have a new and fantastic Jurassic Park 8-bit video out! And it has everything you could ever want: Raptor hunting, 1993 Jeep Cherokees, blood thirsty T-Rex, super sexy Malcom, and our favorite, screaming children. Check it out for yourself after the break….ah, ah, aaaahhh, you didn’t say the magic word:

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Jurassic World Takes Over And Becomes Jurassic City



Jurassic World takes over and becomes a jurassic city with these original art prints by Sky World Project. Want to see your own city taken over by these majestic but toothy, dangerous, hungry, and down-right-cray-cray beasts? Well then be sure to see the Dino take-down after the break – you won’t be disappointed! (And if Dinosaurs aren’t your cup of tea, be sure to check out SkyWorldProjects other prints for more geeky references like Batman, War Of The Worlds, Godzilla, and more!)

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Jurassic World T-Shirts That May Bite, But Don’t.


There is a lot of hype right now around the new Jurassic World movie, but what I love most about this, is all the crazy artists out there that get right to making parody clothing for all of us to enjoy. Here are some of our favorite shirts that are mostly ridiculous, but some are very clever. Enjoy!

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Awesome Cosplay Of The Day: Doggy Dinosaur


Nothing says inherent true geek like a dog cosplaying as a dinosaur. Must have been “ruff” trying to get into such a dog-gone adorable costume. Hey, let’s throw him a bone here, it’s not like dinos are easy to pull off. Three cheers for the dog’s choice in “Rex” as his preferred dino, because it would have been awkward if he tried to pull of “Terry-Dactal.” (We all know that’s a lab under there and not a terrier).