I think You Need This Super Shredder Cheddar T-Shirt


DUDE – SHREEEEEEEEDDDAAAAR!!!!! Can you hear Raphael yell that with authority? I sure can! Make sure you check out Fashionably Geek’s  Nerd Approved Shirt Store! Only $20 bones and a few sloppy quesadillas. Just kidding about the quesadillas, though they do sound delicious.

Hey Cool! – Indiana Han Jones Solo T-Shirt


Hey Harrison Ford fans! This is the mashup of all mashed-tees! Get your very own Indian Han Jones Solo running away from the Death Star boulder t-shirt over at Busted Tees.

CAT-AT Brings You Prezzies Because It Loves You


ADORABLE! Even more adorable when you can put it on a shirt. Glide on over to TeePublic to get your very own Cat-At Love’s You t-shirt ($14.00).