Tom Recommends: Orphan Black

Gabbing Geek Tom Recommends v2It’s been suggested we’re living in a Golden Age of television.  There just may be too many shows of significant quality on the air right now for viewers to tune into.  When something as grotesquely beautiful as NBC’s Hannibal fails to find an audience, then that should tell you something about how easy it is for really good stuff to slip through the cracks, and not in the cult way that Twin Peaks did.

So, seeing a sci-fi show with a relatively small budget reach the success that BBC America’s Orphan Black has is a testament not only to its popularity, but also to the quality of the product itself.

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Have You Seen Orphan Black?

Half of these people are the same woman, and she's incredible as all of them.
Half of these people are the same woman, and she’s incredible as all of them.

Have you seen Orphan Black?  How can you call yourself a geek and not have seen Orphan Black?  Tatiana Maslany is outright incredible playing roughly five different regular roles plus a handful of others (the only misfire being a pre-op transgender, but nobody’s perfect)  This BBC America cult hit should be appointment television for the geek crowd.  It’s actually rather impressive on all levels, and aspects of the show act as domestic comedy, medical show, paranoid suspense yarn, and police procedural all at the same time.  And seriously, this show would not work without a fantastic lead actress in the main role(s).  Amazon Prime has the first two seasons streaming for free right now, and the third comes to BBC America sometime this spring (and, like Justified, I can’t see the new episodes right away dangit!).

Trailer for season three below the cut.

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