No Time To Watch All The Current Trailers For 2016 Movies?

I’m gonna guess the first picture of somebody skiing that we’ve ever posted on

Not even 2 minutes and 33 seconds?  Because that is all you will need for this masterful super cut showcasing the trailers currently available for many of 2016’s upcoming films.  Worth a watch after the cut.

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Trailer Time: The BFG


Don’t know anything about The BFG?  Me neither.  All I know is that it is Steven Spielberg’s next film and you can see the trailer after the cut.  Look for the film on July 1, 2016.

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Gabbing Geek 54: Look Out

Gabbing Geek 54: Look Out
Gabbing Geek 54: Look Out

Watson and Ryan hold down the fort for Episode 54 of the Gabbing Geek podcast while Jenny recovers from Tiredofputtingupwithalltheircrapitis.  It’s going around.  So the Y chromosomes talk about Star Wars, Hunger Games, Mars, Alexander Hamilton, movie villains, and the summer of 2016 in movies.  You should listen to it right the heck now, or jump after the break to read even more!

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