Geek Review: The Revenant


OK, The Revenant was not a Geek movie.  Not really.

But I’m writing a review anyway.  And I’m typing this Sunday afternoon, so I have no idea how many Oscars it will win by the time this goes live Monday morning.  So, deal with it.  SPOILER-free review after the cut.

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2016 Oscars: Tom’s Best Picture Round-Up


By and large, I don’t put much personal stock in the Academy Awards.  They strike me as an excuse for Hollywood to pat itself on the back for all the good work it says it does.  If I watch the show at all, it’ll be the last few minutes to find out who won Best Picture, and that’ll be it.  The humor is rather lame, the musical numbers dull, and the low-burning outrage over what did and didn’t win can linger for decades.

Case in point:  Forrest Gump beat out both Pulp Fiction and The Shawshank Redemption for Best Picture.  I don’t care how much you like Gump, there’s no way anyone can justify it is a better movie than both of those other two.

But then this year, I actually saw most of the Best Picture nominees.  Thoughts after the cut.  No predictions, though.  If you want predictions, try Watson’s article.

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