Geek Lit: The Devil And Winnie Flynn

Written by Micol Ostow, and illustrated by David Ostow (siblings or spouses, I am not sure), The Devil and Winnie Flynn would look to be something I might dig.  Teenage Winnie’s mother has just died, apparently of a suicide, and Winnie is whisked off to work with her mom’s long-estranged sister Maggie, host and producer of a popular reality horror show, Fantastic Fearsome, as they search for the Jersey Devil.  Winnie herself is a fan of horror movies and knows the tropes, but doesn’t believe for a second in the actual supernatural.  What happens when she is confronted by evidence to suggest there’s more to life than she has been led to believe?

Well, that should have gotten my attention, but didn’t.  Explanations and SPOILERS after the cut.

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