Podcast Reation: The “Do I Really Wanna Go There?” Edition

Technically, I haven't done a whole reaction to Watson article yet.  That will not change today.
Technically, I haven’t done a whole reaction-to-Watson article yet. That will not change today.

This week on the podcast, the podcast was late and I did not get to listen to it until Monday.  My non-geek wife wanted to spend the extended holiday weekend down the Jersey shore, which is not that much like that awful MTV show depicted it to be.  We go to a nice, working class vacation town, whereas that show was filmed in a place my wife has been calling “Sleezeside” since well before anyone with a stupid nickname, no discernible talent, and a camera crew ever stepped foot in the place.

But, my parents’ tiny house down there has terrible internet connections, so while I was able to download the podcast, listening to it while trying to do stuff with the missus wasn’t in the bag, and there was a good chance any attempt to post anything here would have been a disaster when the connection cut in the middle of the write up.  So, I gave the show a listen this morning and now, well, now I need to react because it is my (self appointed) job.

In fact, my parents’ unreliable wi-fi connection there means I am a bit behind on my DCAU rewatch and don’t know if Jimmy and I will get through our required three episode discussion before the week is out.

What will I react to?  The fact I probably would have lost that trivia game badly, too?  Or something else?

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Slightly Misplaced Comic Book Case File #23: Arrowette

These guys need to learn to read signs posted on trees.
These guys need to learn to read signs posted on trees.

The comic book version of Green Arrow is best known as being one of the few heroes with a distinctive political point of view.  Who does Superman vote for?  Who knows?  Green Arrow is an out-and-out bleeding heart liberal, and that’s probably one of his defining characteristics.

Except he wasn’t always that way.  The character existed for a good twenty years before his political perspective came up at all.  Prior to that, he was the standard white bread DC hero who did good because it was good and if he ever had a thought deeper than which arrow to use at any given moment, he sure didn’t share it.  In point of fact, the guy was a Batman rip-off, living as a millionaire playboy with his sidekick and ward in a big mansion with a cave and a car and a plane underneath his home.  It’s not much of a memorable era for the Emerald Archer.

This era also gave us Arrowette.

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Hawkgirl Also Going To TV?


The CW may be putting up another DC Comics hero in a solo series.

Which one?  Did you miss the picture above this article?

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Going Through The DCAU Part Six


Continuing Jimmy and Tom’s rewatch of the DCAU.

This week, we’re covering the Batman The Animated Series episodes “Beware the Gray Ghost,” “Prophecy of Doom,” and the two part “Feat of Clay”.

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Not Just A Pixar Character! The Original Elasti-Girl

"I'll just put this down somewhere."
“I’ll just put this down somewhere.”

Gabbing Geek Jenny has, in the past, stated her belief in Madam Xanadu as an iconic character.  I tried one before to to suggest that maybe Phantom Lady had a better claim to that title under her criteria (does not have a male version, has not cameoed in a movie or TV show, has an origin story older than the mid-90s, and has been read by Jenny).  Jenny said Phantom Lady’s costume sucked (which, to be fair, it does), but maybe for my weekly “This one died!” column we can try a different character with a better claim than Madam Xanadu.

Let’s talk about Elasti-Girl.  And I do not mean the one in The Incredibles.  Pixar actually asked DC for permission to use the name, and it was granted so long as the name was never used in the marketing.  If you get that action figure from The Incredibles line, her name will be listed as “Mrs. Incredible”.

But let’s talk the original.

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Podcast Reaction: The Steve Trevor Edition

She’s right there, dumbass!


This week on the podcast, Jenny and the guys talked comics.  I, generally, use this site to talk comics.  However, so does Jimmy, and he’s also doing a podcast reaction this week.  In fact, it’s probably live as you read this, but not as I type this, so go read Jimmy’s column, or he’ll be a sad panda.

But I do that “Misplaced Hero” column, so let’s cover a character discussed during the GNOWs that isn’t really a misplaced hero but more of a misplaced love interest.

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Legends Of Tomorrow Trailer…The Atom Actually Shrinks This Time

routh-atomSo, the CW has had a lot of success with Arrow and The Flash, so why not use some more characters from their combined universe that Watson already hates as a concept to make a team show?

Legends of Tomorrow is that show, featuring the Atom, a resurrected Sara Lance as the White Canary, Captain Cold and Heat Wave, Firestorm, Hawkgirl, and a Rip Hunter with that smarmy demeanor that makes you just want to pop the guy in the face.  With what looks like a guest appearance at least by the Flash, and Vandal Savage as a bad guy who may have a giant robot, well, it has the potential to be fun.

Oh, and Ray Palmer finally shrinks.

Trailer after the cut.

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Non-Geek TV From The Geek Perspective: iZombie

Gabbing Geek What We're Watching

There’s a lot of TV out there, and I don’t know if this week’s show is a Geek Show or not.  I mean, it probably could be if it isn’t.  I don’t know.  It has freakin’ zombies, but the main one is perky and friendly, not stumbling around trying to eat Sheriff Grimes or whatever that guy’s name is.  I actually don’t watch The Walking Dead and am basing all my knowledge on said show on the fact I read the first few trades and watched an “Epic Rap Battle of History” between Grimes and Walter White.

Look, this week’s show is iZombie.

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On Supehero Media And Tone


Netflix recently dropped the first of five superhero series for its subscribers to enjoy.  Daredevil is quite good, though to be honest as of this typing I’ve only seen the first five or so episodes.  Charlie Cox makes a good superhero.  Vincent D’Onofrio is an excellent Kingpin.  There was much rejoicing.

Now, I’m not here to review the series.  Better reviewers than I have or will do so, and I have other things to do.  Instead, I want to discuss tone and how it applies to superheroes on TV and to a lesser extent in the movies.

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Will There Be A Justice League TV Series Before A Movie Comes Out?

"Not in the face!  Not in the face!"
“Not in the face! Not in the face!”

The CW has had some success with TV versions of Green Arrow and the Flash on, well, Arrow and The Flash, also known as the shows my wife rolls her eyes at when I say I’m going to sit down and watch one.  Now, this season Arrow introduced Ray Palmer, also known as the Atom, and while he so far is more of an Iron Man than a guy who can shrink, the guy’s gotten a lot of screentime and Brandon Routh has been a welcome and charismatic addition to the series.  Given how The Flash began life as an Arrow spin-off, would it be safe to assume The Atom is next?  Eh, not quite.

Instead, the CW is looking to do a superhero team show, and this leads me to wonder…will it be a version of the Justice League?

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