Simpsons Did It!: “Kamp Krusty”


Season four of The Simpsons opens with a look forward…if you buy that weird theory that The Flintstones and The Jetsons  take place at the same time, with the Jetsons and their neighbors living well above the devastated world below that got knocked back to the stone age of, you guessed it, the world of Bedrock and the Flintstones.

I think that’s a load of hooey, but the Flintstones were on the Simpson’s couch in the opening credits.

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Trailer Time: The Good Dinosaur

AttheMovies_t670Who didn’t love Inside Out?

You know, besides the humorless, the unemployable, alcoholics, angry loners, and anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.

Well, there’s another Pixar movie on the way this year, like some kind of reverse Flintstones, you know, if Fred were Dino’s pet.  The Good Dinosaur  is coming out Thanksgiving..  See the trailer after the cut.

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