A Disclaimer

Oh well.
Oh well.

Yesterday I posted a positive review for a low budget sci-fi movie called The Machine.  I was then informed that both Ryan and Watson put the movie in question on their worst flicks of 2014.

Um, oops.

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Don’t Rage Against “The Machine”

Available on Netflix, like, right now.
Available on Netflix, like, right now.

Chappie premiered in theaters this past week to, at best, mediocre reviews.  But there are a ton of good robot movies, some better known than others.

One such that maybe should be better known is The Machine.

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Ryan’s Ten Worst Movies of 2014

bad-smell-stinks-640_620x350I love going to the movies. There is nothing better than a nice Alamo Drafthouse theater (where you will shut the hell up or you will get thrown the hell out) going dark and a good story being shown for an average of 118 minutes.

Unfortunately, they aren’t all good stories.  I didn’t see half as many new movies as Watson did so that’s why he got to run down his Worst 20 Movies of the Year.  Me, I’m only going to rant about the ten worst movies I saw this past year.  Brace yourself. Continue reading Ryan’s Ten Worst Movies of 2014