Freaky Friday: Haunted Doll House Scale Replicas


On our Podcast Episode 32: The Hill, Jenny mentioned that she would like to reboot The Munsters in a more modern TV series. Well, as luck would have it, we came across this scale replica of The Munster’s house they used for the original TV show. What are the odds? And if that’s not creepy enough, Etsy artist EmmyNHiros has made many more scale replica Haunted Doll Houses. Because, you know, regular doll houses aren’t creepy enough. See more detailed photos of The Munster’s house, plus the Amityville Horror house after the break:

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Podcast Reaction: The Pitch-A-Revamp Edition

Frank Drebin is on the case!
Frank Drebin is on the case!

This week on the podcast, the Gabbing Geeks celebrated Watson’s 40th birthday by having Jenny use a faulty mic, so it sounded like Watson was senile and talking to voices in his head.  That was amusing as technical errors went.

But then they pitched some revamped old projects, like the Munsters and Flash Gordon, despite some attempts to actually revamp both of them as Mockingbird Lane (look it up) and an awful Scy-Fy channel show, also known as any Scy-Fy channel show that wasn’t Farscape or BSG.

I have an idea of my own for this.

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