“Just Married” Geek Decals To Prove Your Love


Spring is in the air! At least here in Texas it’s in the air, and I have the allergies to prove it! But with spring flowers come April showers and all the weddings we can choke on. But – alas – don’t scoff too fast, because as a geek nation we are now all being represented by the best of car decals to exclaim your love and devotion. Drive away proclaiming your new nuptuals with these awesome themed “Just Married” wedding vinyl window cling decal by Anthony Herrera Designs ($25). You have to see all the geekiness after the break (unfortunately, cars not included):

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When A TV Series Declines…

By the time this show ended, this image probably wasn't too far off.
By the time this show ended, this image probably wasn’t too far off.

My wife just finished working her way through the full series run of Friends on Netflix.  We were talking and she brought up how her mother got tired of Friends after a while.  My mother-in-law apparently thought Joey got too stupid, Monica too annoying, and the Ross-and-Rachel thing got rather tired.  I wasn’t the fan of the show that my wife or her mother were, so I couldn’t disagree with that consensus, where I mostly wondered why any of them would willingly hang out with hangdog mopester Ross.

That’s not an unusual phenomena.  Many TV shows that run long enough can become a shadow of their former glory.  Anyone who’s been watching The Simpsons long enough already knows that, though.

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So, How Many Can You Name?

This is probably one of my favorite videos on YouTube.  Someone took tons of clips from tons of movies and TV shows and made a rather good techno-kinda tune out of it.  I’ve seen lots of stuff, but even I can’t name all of them here.  I tend to skip to this whenever I want a quick smile at someone else’s cleverness.