Tom Recommends: Planetary

Gabbing Geek Tom Recommends v2The deconstruction of the superhero genre is something that has been going on for a few decades now, and is often rather repetitive.  Generally, it is an excuse to show classic or recognizable characters doing things that normally they wouldn’t, often of a more R-rated variety.

That said, when the deconstruction is done right, such as in Watchmen, the work says something about the genre’s conventions and tropes in a way that can be highly entertaining for the reader, while also giving the reader a chance to think over the sorts of things that are taken for granted.

But one of the best deconstructions out there doesn’t just cover superheroes, but pulp literature and genre storytelling in general.  That would be the comics series Planetary, written by Warren Ellis and illustrated by John  Cassaday.

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Awesome Cosplay Of The Day: THE COMEDIAN


If you follow our Podcast (specifically Episode 42) then you’d know that we recently did a Book Club around The Watchmen. Fantastic Read if you haven’t had time – go now, get out there and read it. For those of you that know the comic well – then feast your eyes on this amazing cosplay of the Comedian. Certainly, this woman got the last laugh (more after the break)

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Geek Culture Cross Stitch Is Sew Adorable!


Say hello to the Wee Little Stitches Etsy shop, where all your geek sewing & cross stitch dreams can come true. The shop was born out of love for needle and thread and the desire to stitch things which are not only simple and quick, but which reflect geek pop culture tastes. Shop owner Jacqueline said her business is a creative partnership. She goes on to say; “Our friends and family must be getting tired of the number of times we turn to each other and say ‘you know what would make a good cross-stitch pattern…?‘ We really do sleep, breathe, and eat stitching!”

Want to see more of Jacqueline’s work, check it out after the break:

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