Are You Worthy Enough To Pick Up Thor’s Hammer?


Thor’s mighty hammer Mjölnir (or what I lovingly call Meow-Meow) is probably one of the more iconic superhero weapons of all time. If you’re anything like me, then you too have pondered how to get your very own meow-meow. Well, you could resort to the many different replicas out there from Nerf to Sideshow Collectibles, or you can do  what YouTuber Sufficiently Advanced did and build one yourself.

Not only does his creation look like the real thing, it also acts like it. Only those who are worthy can pick up this highly technological specimen. You see – magnets, bitch! The hammer in question features a built in battery-powered electromagnet that only turns off when it recognizes the programmed fingerprint via a thumbprint reader on the handle. When placed on a metal surface nothing can remove it – short of Thor himself. See all this happen in a video after the break:

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Awesome Cosplay Of The Day: Thor



Today’s Cosplay of the Day comes from Dusty Lofink, a resident of San Jose, California and huge admirer of Thor. We post plenty of lady cosplay entries around here, but let’s not forget the gentlemen! Dusty was totally 120% committed to his costume, growing his hair and man-scaping his beard to get the total Thor look. This guy was super determined to make himself look like Thor, and the efforts paid off because he looks fantastic. His costume is vivid and detailed, and we love how he added thunder bolts to his pictures to give that ultimate thunder god effect. Son of Odin, you rule.

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18 New Geek Monthly Mystery Box Subscriptions To Check Out


Welcome back to our Geek Monthly Mystery Box subscription round up! For anyone new to this concept, mystery subscription boxes are mail order boxes filled with “stuff” that you pay for on a monthly basis. The catch is that you have no idea what is going to be in the box month-to-month. You have to go on faith that what is being delivered, will match the value of the monthly subscription fee.

And if you’ve been following Gabbing Geek for a while, then you’ll know we did a 22 box review: Mystery Geek Box Monthly Subscriptions: The Good, The Bad, and The Geeky not too long ago. But since that post, the Geek Mystery Box market has added a few more contenders to the race!

Want to know how the new additions stack up agains the old trusties? Read on!

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