Tom Recommends: Flash Gordon

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If all possible outcomes exist in their own separate universes from our own, imagine the possibilities.  The South could have won the Civil War.  Leonardo DaVinci could have left a note explaining the smile on the face of the Mona Lisa.  The Matrix sequels might have been good.

One such possibility would be if George Lucas had managed to get the rights to the Flash Gordon character when he initially sought them.  Denied the characters, Lucas retooled his story ideas and made Star Wars instead.  The success of Star Wars prompted producer Dino De Laurentiis to finally create a movie centered around the character Lucas had been denied the use of.  A flop in its own time, Flash Gordon is rightfully remembered as the cult hit it is today.

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Tom Recommends: The Cornetto Trilogy

Gabbing Geek Tom Recommends v2Among the many interesting “what if’s” that we can ask in regards to the recent Ant-Man, there is the question of how the movie would have turned out had the original director, Edgar Wright, finished the movie he’d worked on for so long.  Wright still got a story and script credit for the work, and had parted ways due to some sort of creative differences with Marvel Films.  Wright had been linked to the project for ages, well before The Avengers hit the big screen, such that many hoped or assumed Wright’s longtime friend and collaborator Simon Pegg might have been cast as Hank Pym.

Why would anyone assume that?  Well, you’d need to see the Cornetto Trilogy to get that.

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Penny Dreadful Season 2 Trailer Is Frightening!

I don’t know about you, but I need to go change my underwear.

Excuse me.