Tom Recommends: Kolchak: The Night Stalker

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It is good to be a Geek in this day and age in many ways.  Science fiction and fantasy are big on the big and small screen.  Superheroes are flying everywhere.  The most pirated show on TV is an epic fantasy.  Special effects have finally allowed even lower budgeted productions to approximate the sort of things that were previously only capable in cartoons.

But streaming services also allow Geeks the opportunity to see attempts at Geek Culture from the past.  Currently, Netflix is carrying one of the earliest attempts at Geek TV, the influential-but-short-lived Kolchak:  The Night Stalker.

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Tom Recommends: Christopher Moore’s “Lamb”

Gabbing Geek Tom Recommends v2

One of my favorite living authors is Christopher Moore.  Moore’s an American humor writer that often uses the supernatural and the weird for his jokes.  I’ve enjoyed most of his novels, with an exception here and there.  His vampire trilogy would have worked out fine as just one book, since the sequels had an obnoxious Goth girl narrating large chunks of the book, and The Stupidest Angel seems like something he threw together rather quickly as an excuse to let a bunch of characters he had from other books to meet up and hang out for Christmas.

But his best book may very well be his most controversial:  Lamb:  The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal.

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Tom Recommends: Roshomon

Gabbing Geek Tom Recommends v2

Now that my Bone reviews are over, I figured I need something to fill the void.  Besides, I’m not sure which dead superhero to write about next, so I’m going to start a regular column of personal recommendations from me to you.

We’ll start this week with my all-time favorite movie, Roshomon.

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Read-Along Updates For The Week


It’s Monday, so its time for a weekly (when I remember to do it) status update for the various read-alongs I do during the week.

Tomorrow will see the last installment of my Bone read-through pieces.

I’ll also have the first of my “Tom Recommends” articles, where I recommend a movie, book, TV show, comic book series, or whatever that I think is truly worth looking into.  I’m looking forward to this one since it gives me the opportunity to bounce around and just recommend stuff I think is fun.

Wednesday should, baring something unforeseen, have the next DCAU discussion between me and Jimmy posted.

Thursday, along with my usual “Misplaced Hero” column, there’ll be the next Discworld installment, covering book 11, Reaper Man.

So, come back and see some stuff.  If you want to.  No one’s forcing anybody…