Trailer Time: Daredevil Season Two

Marvel's Daredevil season 2 drops on Netflix

A two part trailer?  That’s kinda nutty.

But I will say this:  this may be the most nuanced version of the Punisher I’ve ever seen, and this is just some select clips from the show.  I am assuming the Elektra stuff is saved for the next one aside from that briefest of brief glimpses.  But the Punisher has this real “Killing Joke” vibe going for him when he talks about one bad moment.

This is probably going to rock.  Trailer after the cut.

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Teaser Time: Ghostbusters


OK, so, I’m not sure why (aside from a cynical cash grab) anyone would want to reboot Ghostbusters, but it happened, and I’ll even go so far as to say that if they had to do it, and do it with an all-female batch of Busters, they chose the right women for the job.

Actually, I have said that.  Moving on.

Anyway, there’s a teaser now.  No ghosts in it.  No ghostbusters in it.  Heck, it looks a lot more serious than I would have thought.  Mostly it gives a date for the trailer, so we have an ad for an ad.  See it after the cut.

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Trailer Time: Hardcore Henry


So, there I was, waiting for Deadpool to start (review forthcoming), when I saw this…thing.

An action movie?

Where the whole thing is seen through the eyes of the mute title character?

Like the viewer is the main character, and he’s a cyborg that has to go rescue his poor-man’s Jennifer Lawrence-looking wife?

This whole thing looks absolutely nuts.  I mean, who wouldn’t want Tim Roth for a mentor?  It’s probably terrible, but we can at least give points to Hardcore Henry for originality of presentation.  Trailer after the cut.

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Trailer Time: Final Batsoup Trailer


Look, we’re ambivalent at best here about Batman vs. Superman:  Dawn Is A Dishwashing Soap, but we also have an obligation to our reader (hi, Jimmy’s mom) to pass along stuff, so here’s the final Batsoup trailer after the cut.  It has a Batman action sequence, and Wonder Woman actually speaks.  Draw your own conclusions.

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Trailer Time: Penny Dreadful Season Three

Gabbing Geek What We're Watching

Do you watch the Showtime series Penny Dreadful?

I don’t, but I’m told its good and scary in a creepy, gaslight sort of way.  Anyhoo, there’s a new trailer for the new season after the cut.

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Trailer Time: Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India


Do you play Assassin’s Creed?

I don’t.  But there’s a new game trailer out for it set in India.  See the gameplay trailer for Assassin’s Creed Chronicles:  India after the cut.

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Trailer Time: Beowulf

Gabbing Geek What We're Watching

Before Martin.  Before Tolkien.  Before Shakespeare, fer cryin’ out loud, there was Beowulf.

In January, the Esquire Network…wait, that’s a real thing?  never mind…will air a new mini-series based on the epic poem.  See the official trailer after the cut.

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Trailer Time: Deadpool Christmas Special?

Well, that is an ugly sweater…

In this joyous time of year…studios will dress up all kinds of stuff for the Holidays.

Like the trailer for the Deadpool movie behind the cut, for example.

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Trailer Time: High-Rise


The movie Snowpiercer speculated about a train that contained all of the survivors of humanity.  Acting as a metaphor for the rich against the poor, the further back in the train a person lived, the poorer they were, and then a violent revolution broke out.

J.G. Ballard’s novel High-Rise had a similar premise, only this time it was a luxury apartment building and the poor lived closer to ground level.  Once again, violence breaks out.  The biggest difference was, unlike Snowpiercer, the people living in the building are free to leave at any time.

Anyway, there’s a movie version coming out starring Geek favorite Tom Hiddleston.  See the rather unique trailer after the cut.

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Trailer Time: Batsoup Take 2


The basic job of a trailer is to make you, the consumer, want to see a movie.  I think it’s safe to say that a number of folks here are a little wary of Batman v Superman:  Custody Battle.

Well, the new trailer actually made me feel a little better about the movie.  How much better remains to be seen, but at least Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor looks like fun.

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