Patrick Stewart: Beloved By The Geeks

We love this man.
We love this man.

Most geeks first experienced seeing Patrick Stewart in the role of the very un-Kirkish Captain Jean-Luc Picard on Star Trek:  The Next Generation.  Stewart had been an actor for years at this point, having been trained as a Shakespearean actor who played the London stage in tights that looked every sillier than the spandex uniforms he was asked to don for the first two years as Picard (Gene Roddenberry’s death allowed the producers to switch to more comfortable wool uniforms later in the series run).  Later on, he played a character that sheer dumb luck was designed to look exactly like him, Professor Charles Xavier.  Ask a number of geek fans if they know any other role he’s done, and they might be hard-pressed to name something.

Geek Love is not misplaced in this instance.  We should love Patrick Stewart if for no other reason than he seems to be having fun most of the time, and he may very well be up for anything.

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And Now…Twilight Bashing

Don't worry.  This article is worth the pain memories of this photo may cause.
Don’t worry. This article is worth the pain memories of this photo may cause.

I tagged my first two articles with the tag “Twilight sucks”.  It would be irresponsible of me not to explain why.

See, I’m a happily married man.   As a result of this fact, I have seen most of these movies.  I am not sure my wife even really likes these movies.  She proclaimed reading the final book as six months of her life she’s like to get back since the book was so dull it took her that long to get through it.  But I am not my wife.  I have photos of the two of us in the same room to prove it.  So, why do I think Twilight sucks?

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Slightly Misplaced Comics Heroes Case File #1: Captain Carrot


There are many superheroes.  There are many talking rabbits.  In the giant venn diagram of both such creations, there isn’t much overlap.

Into that realm steps the mighty Captain Carrot.

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Urban Fantasy: Fact Or Fiction?

Picturing a fantasy setting might give a person of supposedly sound mind an image which revolves around something that came from the mind, pen, or fever dream of J.R.R. Tolkien, even if the person in question thinks that name belongs to a particularly odd Muppet.  Or perhaps the idea is more of some sort of Game involving Thrones.  Maybe King Arthur came off his flour bag to do his thing with Merlin or Galahad or people with names way cooler than anyone else you may know, provided you don’t know any chimps of the Link family (though, to be fair, he is a rather secretive chimp).

But fantasy usually just boils down to magic and the supernatural, and if The Ring taught us anything, and it didn’t, it is that magic and the supernatural can exist anywhere, which is where the Urban Fantasy subgenre comes in.

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