Tom Recommends: The Universal Horror Classics

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Horror movies are probably about as old as the movie industry itself.  Thomas Edison made one, an adaptation of Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein.  That movie no longer exists aside from a few frames, but that was hardly the last time something creepy, evil, and murderous would show up on the silver screen to threaten others.

Universal Studios perhaps invented much of the modern horror genre.  Producer Carl Laemmle Jr., son of the studio’s owner, oversaw much of them, and even if the movies may seem stale or silly by today’s horror standards, these films created the classic look of many monsters that every incarnation since is held up to as well as making household names for many of the actors who played said monsters.

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Universal Send Doc Brown To Collect The Remaining Monies


It’s a big year for Back To The Future.  Not only is it the 30th anniversary of the first film, but a lot has been made about the upcoming date of October 21, 2015…as that is the year in the future that Marty traveled to in Back To The Future 2: Back To The Futurer.

We also know it has been a HUGE year for Universal with the record breaking success of many films including Jurassic World and Furious 7.  And in an attempt to collect any money that you have left, they are releasing a Back To The Future 30th Anniversay Blu-Ray collection on that magical October 21st date.

“But Jimmy, I already own the trilogy on Blu-ray.”  Me too little Timmy, me too.  But to entice you, Universal is including a new short film starring Christopher Lloyd reprising his role as Doc Brown.  You can check out the teaser for the short after the cut.

If not enough to entice you to double dip, be on the lookout for The Complete Adventures box set which includes the 30th anniversary set and the complete animated series.  “There was an animated series Jimmy?”  Apparently little Timmy.  Apparently.

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Universal Looking For More Gold Coins, Joins Forces With Nintendo


Have you dreamed of smashing blocks with your head?  Or dodging barrels thrown at you by a giant ape?  Or wanted to suck down enemies and gain their powers?

You are in luck.  Universal Studios and Nintendo are joining forces to put rides based on Nintendo games into Universal’s theme parks.

I’m not much for video games, so I am guessing this could be a good thing.