Podcast Reaction: Thank Your Fellow Geek Edition


This week on the podcast, there was a lot of talk about box office stuff here and abroad.


Then there was a trivia game about addresses that led me to think Watson and I watched the same cartoons.

But in the middle of that was a Geek Mail from a friend of Watson’s thanking the show and the site for all the recommendations he’s gotten, so I’m gonna do something like that.

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Geek Lit: Naomi Novik’s Uprooted


Fairy tales can be rough.  We expect a plucky hero, whether a young man or woman, to stand up to the dragon, defeat the forces of darkness, and then go home a hero, but try reading some of those old Grimm Tales and you’ll see those things are creepy as funk.

That’s what makes Naomi Novik’s Uprooted such a treat.  The fairy tale is seen and shattered through the eyes of the narrator protagonist.  SPOILERS behind the cut.

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