ICYMI: The Geek’s Guide To Valentine’s Day


In case you missed it, Ethan Gilsdorf  (the author of “Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks”), posted a fantastic guide last year to help us geeks through Valentine’s day. Let’s face it, geeks no matter the stripe — Tolkienite, Larper, Browncoat, techie, Trekker, hacker, gamer, Whovian — can be acutely passionate, obsessive even, when it comes to love.

But if you haven’t yet hatched a scheme full of Easter eggs for your beloved, don’t panic. This great guide will help you answer the dungeon master’s questions of “What, is your quest . . . for romance?” “Are you going out, or staying in?” “Do you desire to give a DIY gift, or a box of nerdery delivered by UPS?” Ultimately, by the end of this you can say to your treasure…”As you wish.”

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