Slightly Misplaced Comic Book Heroes Case File #63: Bulleteer

She has some...obvious assets.
She has some…obvious assets.

From 2005-2006, writer Grant Morrison had an interesting narrative experiment going on at DC Comics.  He took the old concept of the “Seven Soldiers of Victory” story from Silver Age JLA/JSA team-ups, and did a new version.  Original foe of the team the Nebula Man was back, though not as the main villain.  Other hallmarks of the original group were brought up, but the main idea was Morrison would take seven DC heroes of varying levels of obscurity and put them on a team that needed to save the world.  To make things more interesting, the seven heroes would never meet.  Yes, aside from one or two brief run-ins between a couple members of the group in the last chapter of the story, the Seven Soldiers Morrison was using would be off doing their own things, each of which would add up to ultimate victory against the evil Sheeda and their queen Gloriana.

One of the Seven was a new hero named Bulleteer.  She would have preferred not to get involved.

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Jimmy Attempts To Read All Of Convergence: Week Eight


I’ll admit I ran out of steam and interest with the release of Convergence #8.  It took me awhile to get around to completing my reading of the tie-ins, and it didn’t help they were some of the weaker tie-ins of the bunch.  Plus Secret Wars was full steam ahead over at Marvel and I was excited to move onto that.  As such, this final post on DC’s big early summer event got lost in the shuffle.

But since I am contractually obligated to finish these posts, I’ll make a very late attempt to clue things up after the break.

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Fallen Is Out And Here’s Why You Should Read It

FallenCoverI’ve mentioned before that I wrote a comic book called Fallen: Self-Made Man.  It’s been a long journey dragging the book out of my head, wringing it through the creative development process, and wrestling it onto a page with the help of an amazing creative team.  But it’s been a labor of love and now it’s available for you to purchase over at Comixology.  You can even get $5 credit at Comixology if you’re new to the site and buy $10 in comics (so much to start reading, not just Fallen!) by following this link right here.

This book was driven by my love for the vigilante archetype.  Batman, Punisher, so many others.  The characters aren’t powered, just driven in a way most people aren’t and I want to explore that drive.  Coming up with my own character in that line, giving him his motivation, trying to flesh out why he would continue his quest day after day, and putting that into the framework of a story worth telling was a complicated and rewarding experience.  I hope you enjoy this book as I much as I enjoyed creating it.