Paul Walker’s Daughter Suing Porsche


It’s been almost two years since Paul Walker died in a car accident and while the Fast and the Furious franchise has moved on, Walker’s teenage daughter still has some fight left over the incident.  Meadow Rain Walker, Walker’s daughter, is suing Porsche over the luxury sports car not including an electronic stability system that could have prevented the crash as well as using weak building materials that led to the seatbelt and and fuel lines breaking when the car crashed.

While lawsuits like this can typically be a tactic to negotiate settlements and insurance policies, it’s also true that Porsche’s parent company, Volkswagen, has some current problems over their cars breaking the rules.  While those emission issues are much larger it could play into a narrative that makes this lawsuit go the distance.  Just like the entire Fast and the Furious franchise, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Found In Our Backyard Vs. A Galaxy Far Far Away: Star Wars R2D2 Volkswagen Bus


Now this is a thing of beauty. Long past are the days of Wizards slaying dragons on the side of your hometown VW bus. And no longer do we covet the trio of wolves howling to a full moon passing us by on the highway. Because people, long awaited is the R2D2 Volkswagen Bus. Feast your eyes on this modern marvel made by San Diego-based artist Cesar Aguzzoli. If you want to view his whole process of applying it and creating the masterpiece, check out his step by step here

The force is strong in this vehicle – though we don’t promise it can make a Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs. That’s up to you dear padawans.