WB Trailer Day Continues: Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them


It’s hard to believe that the first Harry Potter book was released almost 20 years ago.  They’ve been just a tad popular since then.  But instead of taking a break and sitting on top of piles of money in her mansion, J.K. Rowling has continued the story of wizards and muggles.  After the break, check out the newest trailer for Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them.  I was mostly indifferent to previous promotion for this film, but this new trailer has definitely piqued my interest.

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“The Bat Is Dead. Bury It.” Ugh, Batsoup Looks Worse And Worse


Over the weekend Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice released a new poster and a couple of new TV spots.  You can check out the TV spots after the break.  One of which contains the line I used in the title of this post.  It’s only 30 seconds, but is cringe worthy.  I know I may be the last of the converted, but I’m starting to have real concerns about this movie the more I see of it.  (In fairness, the Bat-centered ad is not too bad.)

As for the poster, I think it points out another failure on the part of Warner Bros/DC.  #whowillwin?  Really?  No one cares, and since this last trailer, I’d argue you could even change the title of the movie and remove the “v”.  Hey, I know that two heroes meeting for the first time and fighting and eventually joining forces against some evil is one of the biggest tropes in comic books.  And of course that’s what we all expected with this movie.  But with the last trailer revealing said team-up (and adding Wonder Woman) to fight Doomsday, why even bother with the pretense anymore.  The trailer even gives us the “conclusion” of their fight.  Let it go WB/DC.  #whowillwin?  Not moviegoers by the looks of things.  (I hope I’m wrong.)

In “some light at the end of the tunnel” news, Walking Dead alum Lauren Cohan has confirmed that she will play Martha Wayne in the film.  I’m gonna guess it is a small, bullet hole filled flashback, but at least that is something to look forward to.

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Girl Power! WB & DC Launch ‘DC Super Hero Girls’


FINALLY! GIRL POWER! I am so excited for this news! If you haven’t heard, coming in the Fall of 2015, Mattel, DC, and WB are teaming up to launch content and merchandise aimed at girls! YO! Awesome! What’s even better is that the line features products ranging from action figures to tv specials developed for girls aged 6-12, and will center around female super heroes and super villains. Some of the characters to be included are Wonder Woman, SupergirlBatgirlHarley QuinnBumble BeePoison Ivy, and Katana. COOL!

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Is Michelle Rodriguez DC’s New Green Lantern?




Say hello to Michelle Rodriguez. You know the super star from epic movies like Fast & The Furious,  Resident Evil, and Avatar (and lest we not forget her run on the TV series LOST, quite possibly the best show EVAH!). In a recent article published by MoviePilot.Com, they explore DC’s tilt towards a current rumors that Ms. Rodriguez could play the new Green Lantern. Let’s break this down into smaller chunks.

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Supergirl Has Been Cast And We Are “Gleefully” Surprised!

"Whiplash" Portraits - 2014 Sundance Film Festival

Melissa Benoist has been cast as Supergirl in CBS’s new upcoming hit show! You know what this means? Time to get out the hydrogen peroxide and dye that hair! Or wear a blonde wig, because Supergirl isn’t Supergirl without blonde hair. (This is coming from a blonde supporter, and thus otherwise expert on all things blonde).

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