WeLoveFine Does Spider-Verse Right


WeLoveFine did it again! If you’re not familiar with the online clothing store, then stop for a minute and check them out. You can find just about any geeky clothing property under the sun via their website. And just recently they debuted a new Spider-Verse line, and I want all of it – especially the Spider Woman Moto Jacket – it’s simply divine!

The collection is designed by Catherine Elhoffer and you can pre-order now for an estimated January delivery. Check out the new collection after the break:

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Blend In On Kashyyyk With This Wookiee Hoodie


Woooooaaaaaaaaaahhhhhaaaaaaarrrraaaa. That’s basically Wookiee speak for HOLY SHIT A WOOKIEE HOODIE! I don’t know about you, but this is what I’ve been waiting for in Wookiee attire. Not only can you now blend in on Kashyyyk (which Watson cannot spell), but if worn correctly, you probably don’t have to brush your own hair that day. Not saying that you shouldn’t brush your hair, but let’s be honest, sometimes being lazy means grabbing your Wookiee hoodie and going out for a night on the town. AmIRight? See more after the break:

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