Game Of Thrones Season Six Predictions


Season five for Game of Thrones ended on HBO last night.  My wife and I watched and she declared for all the world to see on Facebook that she had not been this upset by the show since Season 1, Episode 9.

Seriously, my wife almost stopped watching at that point.

For myself, I read the books and more or less knew what was coming.  But aside from some Iron Islands stuff and a bit more of Arya in Braavos, there isn’t much left for even book readers to feel smug about seeing coming for the uninitiated (red wedding anyone?).  Besides, major changes were made this year the instant Sansa turned up in at a certain northern location.

Does that count as a SPOILER?  I don’t think so.  There may be more after the cut where I make my predictions for next year.

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Valar Morghulis With These Game Of Thrones LEGOS!


Okay,  how cute and adorable are these Game Of Thrones LEGO characters made by Etsy shop Demon Bricks? I mean nothing is better than seeing tiny Daenerys Targaryen with her tiny dragons, in tiny LEGO form! And what’s better, is that there are also many other versions! Want to revel in the dynamic duo of Arya and the Hound? No problem! Want to stare all day at Jon Snow? Sure thing! Need Brienne of Tarth to guard your bedside table? Who doesn’t? See all the Game Of Throne LEGO characters after the break:

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