Gabbing Geek 59: Blabbing Geek

Gabbing Geek 59: Blabbing Geek
Gabbing Geek 59: Blabbing Geek

Not an April Fools Joke, this is seriously a brand new episode of Gabbing Geek!  And not only is it audio but video as well!  Jump after the break to see the full video of the session or you can download the audio from your favorite podcast source.

In this episode we talk about the things we’ve been geeking out on for the past few months and then play a cruel, cruel game of Spoiler Trivia.  Ryan has to answer trivia questions and for every one he misses the questioner gets to reveal a spoiler about Batman v. Superman (because Ryan is so lame he still hasn’t seen it).  Find out what happens after the break!

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