Wonderful Wizarding World Of Hoodies


Finally! No need to travel to Middle Earth to obtain that coveted Wizard status, you just have to trot on over to Cospa, where being a Wizard is as easy as getting dressed in the morning, or… playing video games at home. Who knew!? This adorable hoodie looks unassuming, but with a flick of the wrist and a few incantations, your everyday zip-up turns into a wizard cloak: the tapered sleeves unzip to mimic the edges of a sorcerer’s robe, the the entire hood is lined with a sturdy, but flexible wire so you can shape it into a magical point. Want to see it in action – check out the photos after the break:

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Jimmy Attempts To Read All Of Secret Wars XXV


It’s catch up time.


I’ve gotten into the habit of grouping what issues I review in themes or complete series.  But sometimes you just have to get stuff off your plate.

After the break I will take a spoiler filled look at X-Tinction Agenda #2, X-Tinction Agenda #3, Squadron Sinister #2, Squadron Sinister #3, Captain Britain And The Mighty Defenders #1 and Captain Britain And The Mighty Defenders #2.  Those last two actually constitute a complete series.  One of the most polarizing series of the Secret Wars event.

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Proof You’ve Played Too Much D&D


How do you know when it is time to go to a baseball game instead of leveling up your Paladin?

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JK Rowling Teases An American Hogwarts


I am normally annoyed with JK Rowling’s use of Twitter to expand the Potterverse (WRITE A DAMN BOOK!) but I will allow it this time since it is service of marketing the new Fantastic Beasts trilogy that (allegedly…or so Ryan insists) stars Eddie Redmayne.  Sounds like something PotterPeeps have been wanting for a long time.

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