Super Kicks! (For your Feet, Not Your Groin)


Thanks to Etsy shop  GrabbKicks, these Nike shoes have been fitted with superheroe swatches like Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman to give them that little extra “kick.” The special comic fabric is glued directly onto the shoes and treated with fabric protection products to ensure longevity. See more styles after the break:

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Wonderful Wonder Woman Shoes!

Wonder Woman Shoes

There are a lot of different kinds of Wonder Woman shoes out there. Just do a simple Google search and you’ll see instantly that 1.) There are a lot of creative people making their own shoes, and 2.) Wonder Woman shoes can go with pretty much any outfit. Thanks to Photographer Fred over at Easy Fashion, he spotted Alice on the street and asked to take her photo with her awesome kicks. Thanks for sharing Fred! And for those of you that want your very own Wonder Woman Shoes – I suggest heading over to and checking out their version. They are super cute!