The Bandstand: The Most Compelling Musical You Shouldn’t See…Yet

bandstandAlthough Gabbing Geek tends to cover more traditional geek fare we’re also dedicated to geeky subjects of all kinds.  My geekiest obsession that falls outside the expected movie, comic book, and science fiction universes is theater.  I’ve been a passionate fan of musical theater and a few plays for decades and my wife and I have been known to schedule almost all of our vacations around trips to New York City or London to see shows.  Whether you too are a theater fan or just curious about that universe, I’ll be bringing my theater reviews here to Gabbing Geek just as often as I can see the shows.

Next up is the intriguing story of a musical where everything, and yet nothing, works.  Come read more about The Bandstand, currently playing in New Jersey but transferring to Broadway next year.  And it’s an appropriate show to discuss today on our Veteran’s Day here in the United States as the show deals with an important topic for veterans.

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If Moviegoers Evaluated World History


Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.  What if we applied the same logic to our history books that we apply to our fiction?  Some of the most famous events in world history would sound pretty stupid.

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