Awesome Cosplay Of The Day: Beyonce as STORM

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 5.19.44 PM

Beyonce! Yes – Queen “B” herself, in the flesh, dressed up as everyone’s favorite manipulator of weather – STORM for Ciara’s 30th birthday party. I literally have no words for how awesome this is. I thought Beyonce was cool before – but now, hot damn! What do you think of her modified version of the look Simone Bianchi gave the goddess during his “Astonishing X-Men” run?

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Awesome Cosplay Of The Day: Psylocke


Awesome cosplay of PSylocke by Miracole and BGZ Studios. This is what you call a warrior!

Awesome Cosplay Of The Day: WOLVERINE


Ilya Artemov is called the Russian Wolverine….and there is no doubt in my mind of why he’s claimed that name. Ilya participates in cosplay events and can be found on Facebook for more glorious renditions of this famous character – even a sweet photo shoot of him in the costume from the X-Men movies. Worth the look if you ask me!