Batman Day = Money In Your Utility Belt


If you’re like me you have a long list of Batman things that you want to buy.  You also probably have a pretty long list of Batman stuff that you already have.  But if you are working on your “buy list”, it’s a good time as Bat-sales are everywhere this week because of Batman Day.

Here’s a few of note, I’m sure there are more:

Happy Bat-shopping!

As well, here’s a list of Batman Day Events and visit your local comic shop for a free Batman comic which features a reprint of the first chapter of Batman: Endgame and a preview of the upcoming Batman And Robin Eternal.

Podcast Reaction: The No Watson’s Club Edition

nohomers On this week’s podcast we were without the melodic tones of one William DB Watson as he served his one podcast suspension for last weeks tirade that will be henceforth known as “The Incident”.  However, the remaining geeks fell into the age old trap of talking about Watson continuously throughout.

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18 New Geek Monthly Mystery Box Subscriptions To Check Out


Welcome back to our Geek Monthly Mystery Box subscription round up! For anyone new to this concept, mystery subscription boxes are mail order boxes filled with “stuff” that you pay for on a monthly basis. The catch is that you have no idea what is going to be in the box month-to-month. You have to go on faith that what is being delivered, will match the value of the monthly subscription fee.

And if you’ve been following Gabbing Geek for a while, then you’ll know we did a 22 box review: Mystery Geek Box Monthly Subscriptions: The Good, The Bad, and The Geeky not too long ago. But since that post, the Geek Mystery Box market has added a few more contenders to the race!

Want to know how the new additions stack up agains the old trusties? Read on!

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Xbox  Smells an Opportunity to Crush the Inferior PS4. 

With a smart $349 price, Xbox One became the best selling console of the holiday season. 

With the console wars not just about selling games, but acting as a conduit to the higher margin steaming services, Xbox is employing the old razor and blade tactic. 

Most importantly, this shows the dominance of the Xbox platform over the Garcia preferred Sony.


Will Star Wars Battlefront Drop in 2015?


When Disney absorbed Lucas’s Empire (heh), they shuttered Lucasgames and we felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if unemployed programmers suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.  The Mouse rolled those responsibilities into Disney’s gaming division; which is common in mergers and acquisitions.  Nothing worse than redundancy besides calling human beings redundancies…

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