Zoolander 2: The Bieber Delimma

I hate Bieber so much I didn’t even put a photo of him here.

So, do I skip Zoolander 2 because it has Justin Bieber in it…or do I watch it estactically since he seems to die in like the first 20 seconds?  I like the latter.  Count me in, and check out the 2oolander international trailer after the cut.

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Afternoon Funnies- Geek Goodies Edition

Gabbing Geek Afternoon Funnies
Also known as “Watson Didn’t Want to Write an Article today and Just Dumped a Bunch of Pictures Off His Phone”.  Click on for a mild chuckle. Continue reading Afternoon Funnies- Geek Goodies Edition

“Two Lander”? But I Don’t Spell My Name With A Two!


The first teaser trailer for the Zoolander sequel has been released.  The film won’t hit cinemas until next year, but after the break you will see Derek is back in all his…glory I guess?

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