#ThrowbackThursday: Teddy Ruxbin!


Teddy Ruxbin was an 80’s staple of love, friendship, storytelling, and mechanical nightmares. Watch a video of kids today reacting to the lovable friend after the break. You won’t be disappointed.

Did anyone else have a Teddy Ruxbin? We did. And it was terrifying. I remember nights where we were sure that Teddy was turned off, and yet – no – the thing would come to life, all on it’s own. And in the stark of night, the eyes would open, and his mouth would move, and we all agreed the toy was possessed. Not to say that we didn’t enjoy the storytelling and songs of good Ol’ Teddy Ruxpin, but when you have an animatronic wake you up in the middle of the night, it’s time to get rid of the doll.

I now have a standing rule that no animatronics are allowed in my house. No kidding. If you are bringing a toy in the house, it better not be battery operated. We learned long ago never to trust a bear who’s jaw detaches and still talks to you.

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