Star Wars Rebels – Season 2 NYCC Trailer


Like most everyone reading this post, I love Star Wars.  The movies anyway.  I’ve never gotten much into the extended universe.  I’ve read a few novels, but only a handful of comic books.  I’ve played a couple of video games, but not many.  And I think I’ve seen 2 episodes of the Clone Wars cartoon.  But I have seen the Christmas Special, so there’s that.

After the cut, the trailer for season two of a show I’ve seen five minutes of: Star Wars Rebels.

2 thoughts on “Star Wars Rebels – Season 2 NYCC Trailer”

  1. The Clone Wars is some of the best animation and the stories aren’t just for kiddies.

    Season one, like many shows, is for finding it’s feet but after that it takes off and doesn’t stop — except for the occasional bump in the road.

    If you’re not a fan of the old EU (Expanded Universe) then The Clone Wars is for you. Rebels is just now starting to bridge some of the gap left by the ending of The Clone Wars (which ended between Episode 2 & 3 of the movies).


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