Awesome Cosplay Of The Day: TINY ARROW(s)


I haven’t seen much Kid Cosplay, but usually when I do, they are perfect renditions of the adult version (sometimes better). And recently I’ve been binge-watching the heck out of ARROW on the CW. So when I came across these little guys, I couldn’t help myself.  Owen and Dean are two brothers who cosplay as Nerdling 2 and 3. Their costumes were handmade by their Mom and took 2 weeks to complete. Photo credit goes to David of Lift-Off Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina for the awesome pics. See more after the break.






Via Fashionable Geek

2 thoughts on “Awesome Cosplay Of The Day: TINY ARROW(s)”

  1. I love, love, LOVE when I see children cosplaying! And I agree, they can pull it off better than adults sometimes. Fortunately for them, they usually have less inhibitions and worries about how others view them.

    Their mom did a fantastic job! Thanks for sharing!

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