Can Apple Stop the Cord a Cutting Trend?

We wrote last week about how HBO’s new streaming service was only to be offered through Apple TV; with HBO trading their cable masters for worshipping at the altar of non-cable provider Apple. Maybe we were premature.

Though technically an online service streamed into your Apple device, Apple’s new service is pretty much a traditional cable offering for the Netflix age. There’s even a cord in the picture.
According to Time, Apple is expanding its content delivery offerings, and adding cable service to the menu.

The average price of basic cable is now $64.41 per month, according to the Federal Communications Commission. Many Americans pay more than $100 per month for expanded cable packages. Apple’s service will attempt to undercut these rates with pricing at about $30 to $40 per month, according to the Journal, for a bundle of about 25 channels.

This model speaks to me. It doesn’t make me pay a 100% premium for bundled channels I don’t want to ever see. This is close to what cable was before ESPN and Disney started charging providers huge premiums for third tier channels handcuffed to their flagship channels. Disney/ESPN still have leverage. They don’t need Apple. The second Apple loses its market power, the other networks will likely strike.

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