Consumer Ready Virtual Reality Headset To Hit the Market


Is VR about to become a mainstream offering?  One company thinks its ready to go the Consumer route!

The Occulus Rift VR headset is about to hit the market.

The Facebook-owned company did not announce a price or give hands-on demos of the prototype headset, but said it will start shipping in early 2016.

The matte black Rift is a more polished, consumer-ready version of the developer goggles that have been around for two years. Inside are two OLED screens with a wide field of view, though CEO Brenden Iribe acknowledged that the screens were “maybe not quite as high resolution as you’d one day want.”

While it will let you play games with a close up view, I have a feeling we will need to go through an Atari era of gameplay before we jump onto Xbox One level of true VR interaction.

No mention of the content that most interests me…

Source:  CNN

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