A Rise In Dystopian Movies?

Per the best number cruncher out there, there is an appearance that movies are getting bleaker. 

You’ve got your “Hunger Games” juggernaut, as well as the dystopian franchises riding in its wake — “Divergent,” “The Maze Runner” and “Planet of the Apes” come to mind. There are also “The Giver” and “Interstellar.”
Is this actually a trend? Are there more dystopian movies than ever before?
To find out, I went to IMDb. Movies there are tagged by the website’s users with plot keywords such as “slow motion scene” or “based on a comic book,” and one of these tags is “dystopia.” There were 287 feature-length films released between 1940 and 2014 associated with the keyword “dystopia.” Here’s when they came

538 concluded there may be a rise but it is less dramatic than you might think. Blame IMDB! Though the numbers are not as high, the popularity of the ones that are released seem to be high. 

The interesting question is why would we ever see such a rise? Are bleak movies set in a distant future really a response to pessimism about the immediate future? Now I’m depressed. 

Source: 538

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