Simpsons Did It!: “The Front”


This episode opens with Krusty the Clown hosting a cooking segment on his show.  What the heck kind of kid’s show does Krusty host anyway?

The episode also needed material and added a weird Ned Flanders bit at the end to pad the show out.  I find it funny in its basic absurdity.

After being disappointed for the last time by Itchy and Scratchy, Bart and Lisa write an episode themselves.  Roger Meyers won’t take it seriously, so they attach Grandpa’s name to it.  That involved learning Grandpa’s real name, which was written on the old man’s underwear.  How he took off his underwear without removing his pants is probably best left unexplained.

Of course, that means this episode takes us back to Itchy and Scratchy Studios, where characters made to look like various Simpsons writers and artists hang out to be abused by the boss.  But wait…in an episode where Bart and Lisa use Grandpa’s name, it seems weird that Alex Rocco didn’t return to voice Roger Meyers.  And there’s Artie Ziff at Homer and Marge’s high school reunion, but not voiced by Jon Lovitz!  I am sensing a pattern here…

Oh yeah, Homer and Marge went to their high school reunion, despite the fact Homer never graduated.  And ate Marge’s decorative bathroom soaps.  These two things are probably connected.  Poor Homer loses all the awards at the event, though only he finds the class clown’s old impersonations still funny.  One adult education course to get Homer his GED coming up!

Oh, he needed a science credit.  And he’s a nuclear technician.  Again, probably best left unexplained.

Say, what happens when Grandpa wins an Emmy for cartoon writing?  Does he feel flattered for getting a kiss from Brooke Shields?  Nah.  He finally actually saw Itchy and Scratchy and told off everyone in the crowd, got pelted by vegetables, and walked off satisfied.  His grandkids learned a lesson about award shows that don’t feature Billy Crystal.

Everything works out, of course.  Except Homer still has knacks for getting plungers stuck to his bald dome.

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