3D Printed Chocolate – GET IN MY MOUTH!


Hold on to your butts everyone – the world just got a little sweeter. And thanks to the wonderful technology that is 3D printing, we now have chocolate that not only pleases your taste buds, but also tantalizes the eye.

With so much buzz around 3D printer recently, we are not surprised that chocolate is now on the list of “printed” artifacts. The Fashion industry has had a huge hand in making this phenomenon popular, with their printed shoes, jewelry, and event clothes. But now the culinary arts are getting their hands on this delicious way to create confections.

According to Engaget: 

“3D Systems and The Hershey Company are basically making your wildest confectionery dreams come true with the CocoJet, a 3D printer for delicious chocolate. You can choose among dark, milk or white chocolate for your creations (though, we all know that white chocolate isn’t really chocolate). And so long as your desired shape isn’t too complicated, the CocoJet should be able to spit it out. You could even print functioning chocolate nuts and bolts if you really wanted. Sadly, the press release states that, “The company intends to share its commercial plans for this class of chocolate 3D printers at a later date.” So… don’t get too excited about printing out chocolate hearts for your loved one (or white chocolate daggers for your enemies) just yet.”

Now I have to ask the question, does this take away from the sugar artists of the world? Does this leave some of the more dedicated hand crafted sweets out on the streets? I wonder if any of the Chocolatier’s care that the robots are moving into their precious art space? What say you chocolatiers? Are you threatened by ROBOTS?

Either way – today is much sweeter now that we can print chocolate. Next up, Smell-o-vision!


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