Ryan’s Soul Is Torn In Half, Star Wars Rogue One Is A Prequel


As much as he hates books being adapted and split into multiple movies, he also hates prequels.  I’m sure he’ll find a way to give this one a pass, but the announcement at Star Wars Celebration that upcoming Anthology (that’s what they’re calling the solo movies) film Rogue One will take place prior to Episode IV, must have crushed him.

Official synopsis: “A band of resistance fighters unite for a daring mission to steal the Death Star plans.”

Production of Rogue One is set to begin this summer with a release in December 2016.

More details, maybe the teaser, an interview with the director and some amazing fanmade posters after the break…

Along with the announcement at Star Wars Celebration, they revealed concept art and a chilling teaser trailer you may be able to see here if Disney’s lawyers haven’t gotten to them yet.

This interview with director Gareth Edwards contains some concept art, but is mostly a recap of the plot and it’s nice to see Edwards beaming with excitement:

Finally, I came across these two fan made posters by artist Ryan Crain that I had to share because they are awesome.



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