Simpsons Did It!: “Brush With Greatness”


Sorry, Danny Devito, we got a bigger celebrity on The Simpsons now.

Yes, we have a Beatle.  Ringo Starr was the first of the three surviving (at the time) Beatles to do The Simpsons, and he’s a rather charming fellow, depicted as a man who feels he must personally answer all his fan mail…and he had so much it took him twenty years to get back to Marge, who painted a portrait of the guy and sent it to him for criticism.

Ringo says Marge has some real talent.  Between Ringo and Homer, Marge can finish the painting she needs to do and…wait, that’s the end of the episode.  I skipped the beginning?  Oh yeah, Krusty’s shameless promotional work at a water park get the Simpsons kids to pester Homer long enough go to Mt. Splashmore.

Ah, Mt. Splashmore, where the solution to a clog in a pipe is to send a bunch of kids to unclog it.  Oh, wait, it’s Homer clogging the pipe?  Nah, that won’t work.

Faced with public shame, and not because of those awful tan lines, Homer goes on a weight loss odyssey to be able to use the holes that originally came with his belt.  And it works…until Mr. Burns gets involved.  But just as Homer supports Marge in a moment of need, so too does Marge support Homer before he downs a whole can of whipped cream.

Wait, did I skip some stuff?  Oh yeah.  Marge has some talent as a painter and due to Mr. Burns scaring off every portrait artist in town, it falls to Marge to paint a portrait that sees the good in even Monty Burns.  Marge manages, though it isn’t easy.

Well, she manages with the one paint job her community college painting teacher couldn’t give universal praise to, and that man admired the guy putting a coat on a railing.

That teacher was voiced by Jon Lovitz.  He also voices a doughnut deliver man who is worried when he sees Homer has dropped doughnuts from his diet.  That guy just bought a boat!

But even when Mr. Burns can’t stand having a baby cling to his leg, and when Bart wants to know how many liver spots the guy has, it’s amazing how Marge wins the day.

And yes, she totally mocked Burns’ genitalia.

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