Gabbing Geek Box Office Report- Lack of Focus


Will Smith’s career continues to show signs of wear and tear.  His latest flick, a crime caper starring fellow Suicide Squad cast mate Margo Robbie,  failed to open to big numbers.

  • So the movie Focus opened #1 with $19.1m but that is not a huge number for a Will Smith™ film. It is only Smith’s second #1 film in SIX years!  Is The world tired of his shtick???
  • Coming in with the Silver medal was Kingsman with $12M. The Mark Millar adaptation only dropped 36%, showing pretty good legs. This one is getting close to the “lets have a meeting to discuss the POSSIBILITY of a sequel…” territory.
  • SpongeBob continues to prove it is a viable franchise, earning $11.2M for third. The Nickelodeon property has captured $140M so far domestically.


  • Finishing fourth was Fifty Shades of Grey with $11M. The film has now earned $148M domestically and grossed an additional $340M globally.


  • The other wide release, The Lazarus Effect, opened fifth with $10M.  Doesn’t look like a franchise will launch out of this horror offering.


  • McFarland, USA and Duff held up incredibly well (both with a less than 30% drop) to earn ~$7M each.
  • American Sniper now has pulled in $330M.  Soon it will pass Hunger Games 3 for the top grossing film that opened in 2014.
  • In Oscar wrap up news, Birdman pulled in about $2M after winning Best Picture.  Not bad for a flick already available on iTunes.

Source:  BoxOfficeMojo

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