Deliciously Adorable Cat Doughnuts!


EEEEEERRRRRMMMMMAAAAAGGAAAWWD! I’ve never seen anything so deliciously sweet! Just take a gander at these adorable kitty doughnuts. I mean – come on! CAT DOUGHNUTS! Why is this the first time I’ve seen these things? I think it’s because I hadn’t come across Etsy shop owner Marnin Saylor. Well shame on me! And if that wasn’t enough – they all have adorable little names like “Maple” or “Chococat.” I may have made that last name up. And if you don’t like cats, never fear, Marnin’s shop also has Eclair Bears! BEARS! You get the picture. Speaking of pictures – see more of these little treats after the break:

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Geek Cat Pincushions Are Sew Hot Right Meow.


Kathleen of Fat Cat Crafts loves cats. She also loves to sew. Mash them together and you get these adorable Fat Cat pin cushions! Kathleen has a whole bunch of different adorable cats for you to choose from, and don’t think you need to be a sewer to enjoy these, for they are cute & quirky enough to stand on their own as great decorative pieces. So if you know a friendly “cat lady” (and let’s face it, we all know one) then check out the other styles on her website, and a few of our favorites after the break:

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Awesome Cosplay Of The Day: DRAGON KITTY


Okay, Okay – you got us. This really isn’t cosplay, per say – but, it is a really awesome way to give your cat a shave during these hot summer months. Remember those lion cuts that people were doing a while back… well guess what, The Main Lion cat grooming salon of Paoli, Pennsylvania just upped the stakes. This is a must if you are a game of thrones fan…. you know why? (see after the break)

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The Survivor’s Tail

Don't worry.  This article will not harm a hair on his body.
Don’t worry. This article will not harm a hair on his body., a company that annually makes a Superbowl ad wherein there’s some implied female nudity if you visit their site, decided to pull this year’s ad that featured a puppy being sold online.  It seems people were outraged about an implied abuse of a puppy, probably from a puppy mill for the commercial’s storyline, from a company that routinely makes commercials that objectify women.  What gives?  Does our society value dogs more than people?

In a word, it appears the answer to that question is “yes”.

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#SaturdayCaterday: Catman, The Hero These Geeks Deserve


The Voices Official Trailer – And Yeah, It’s A Little Weird

If you haven’t seen the trailer for The Voices yet. Give this a whirl. I don’t know if I’m intrigued or frightened to see lover-boy Ryan Reynolds as a deranged serial killer. My warm fuzzier about him drained after watching this clip. What do you guys think? Funny or Frightening?