Trailer Time: Pete’s Dragon


Did you think Jurassic World went too far by having multiple CGI creatures?  Do you think the upcoming Jungle Book doesn’t go far enough because it doesn’t have dinosaurs?  Do you think there’s even a difference between movie dinosaurs and dragons anyway?  If you’ve read this far then you should probably head after the jump to see the first trailer for Disney’s remake of Pete’s Dragon.  Watson is really excited about this but even he’ll say “Yeah, but it’s an August release.”  But don’t listen to him.  Check out the trailer after the jump and make up your own mind!

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Ryan’s 2015 Movie Rankings

number one (image can be used for printing or web)

Yes, we’re already three weeks into 2016 but I finally managed to put together my movie rankings for 2015.  Because life.  I only managed to see 51 films this year, a paltry sum compared to Watson when he isn’t even trying. And eight of those were on a plane to or from China, making the theater total even lower.  Definitely a busy year, but overall a great one for movies.  Head after the jump to see how I ranked all 51!

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3 Word Reactions To The Oscar Nominations

oscar-statueWhy three words?

Because counting’s hard.

More after break!

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Useless Petition Alert!

george-lucas-600cs051612For reasons unknown…seriously unknown…there’s a petition online to have George Lucas direct Star Wars Episode IX.

Say what?

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Grading My 2015 Bold Predictions was only a few weeks old when I wrote about my bold predictions for 2015 movies.   Now that we know the rankings for the year, it’s time to judge those bold predictions.  Jump after the break to find out why I hate Jurassic World even more.

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Tom’s Geek Year In Review


2015 is over in a few more hours, so how was the year we just had?  You know, from a Geek Perspective?

Some good, some bad.  Like every year.

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Jurrasic World Hands The Baton To The Force Awakens


It’s a slow day here at the Gabbing Geek office as we are all suffering from Force hangovers.  But we still need to post something.  So above, Universal shows respect to Star Wars on breaking almost every record in existence.  Including top opening weekend, best single day, most home runs in a season, fastest quarter mile and number of hot dogs eaten in an hour.

ICYMI, after the break, a reminder of Marvel doing the same for Universal when Jurassic World bested Avengers.

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Late Geek Review: Jurassic World


So, I finally saw Jurassic World.  Hey, I wasn’t exactly a huge fan of the original.  Why should I rush out to see the new one?

I mean, what is it people love about Jurassic Park?  Interesting and compelling characters?  Nope.  Accurate science?  Not really.  Logical plots?  Nah.  Likable children?  Oh hell to the no.  What is it?  Oh yeah.  Dinosaurs run around and eat a few people, generally adults.

OK, so, how about I say what I thought.  SPOILERS for last summer’s biggest box office hit after the cut.

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Just For Ryan: Honest Trailer For Jurassic World

This post has nothing to do with Lego but we’ve used every image of this movie 100 times already.

It’s no secret that Ryan hates Jurassic World, so I like to take every opportunity I can to bring it up.  And I will.  Every day until he stops talking about Runaways.

After the cut, watch the Honest Trailer for Jurrasic World that will even have Ryan entertained.

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Honest Trailer: Guardians of the Galaxy

I'm confused why Jimmy is posting this 9 months after it hit the interwebs?
I’m confused why Jimmy is posting this 9 months after it hit the interwebs?

Well Mr. Pratt, it’s new to me and hasn’t been posted on Gabbing Geek and I like to promote Honest Trailers at every opportunity for no reason other than I find them hilarious.

Relive last summers surprise Pratt blockbuster that only made 300 million.  That’s ok I guess, but it is no Jurassic World that has made 650 million.  That’s over twice as much money…does that mean it is over twice as good?  Ryan?

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